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Stepping up sustainability at Frasers Property

Stepping up sustainability at Frasers Property

If you've taken a walk down Broadway in Sydney lately, you've probably noticed the new award-winning One Central Park complex - adorned in vertical hanging gardens and complete with it's own shopping village, park lands, internal power plant and water recycling plant. This is a just one example of the kind of cutting edge, sustainability-inspired developments being created by Frasers Property, who operate right across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Frasers Property has put sustainability at the core of it's business - it has become a guiding principle for their long term approach to business and a signature move that distinguishes many of their property developments from the rest. The task of ensuring Frasers' property assets are constructed and managed in adherence to robust set of sustainability standards is led by a dedicated internal sustainability team, who also play a vital role in embedding a culture of sustainability across all areas of the business.

Frasers' sustainability team, based in Australia and led by Paolo Bevilacqua, engaged Gone Bush Adventures in collaboration with transformation coach, Ingrid Messner to step outside the day-to-day, align on a deeper level, boost collaborative effectiveness and the team's ability to spread a positive influence cross-functionally across the broader business.

Gone Bush approach

Working alongside Ingrid Messner, we designed an overnight nature-based retreat for Frasers' sustainability team that included workshops, presentations, team activities and facilitated strategy sessions. Each element of the retreat was interlinked, providing a dynamic setting to work on collaboration and strategy while developing the culture and camaraderie of the team.

The first day of the trip included an inspiring morning of collaboration workshops led by Ingrid Messner at a picturesque boutique Blue Mountains vineyard, a wildlife-packed afternoon bush walk into the Megalong Valley led by Gone Bush guides including a swim in the Coxs River and an evening of connecting deeply over a wholesome, delicious meal at a rustic wilderness eco-lodge.

It was time to get down to business on the second day. After an optional early morning meditation and hearty breakfast, the group was led to a remote riverbank on the Coxs River to nut out their most pressing strategic questions. The task took on a new flow alongside the running river, lifting thoughts, conversations and understanding to new heights.

The retreat concluded with another guided bush walk, healthy lunch at the eco-lodge and a smooth ride back to Sydney in which reflective questions were seeded at the start of the journey and a debrief facilitated at a scenic lookout along the way back to consolidate outcomes and actions from the adventure.

"Myself and the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It allowed us to explore and develop in a number of areas that will help us support change for the better within Frasers. We hope to share another adventure in the future"

Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager, Sustainability & Real Utilities, Frasers Property Australia


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