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We believe nature has a much bigger role to play in modern day organisations.

We're on a mission to reinvigorate organisations, leaders and corporate cultures by reconnecting to nature and delivering more meaningful journeys of growth, connection and wellbeing. 

There's so much to be gained for organisations willing to reconnect with the natural world. It is the ultimate place for creating connection, evoking creativity, renewal and growth.

When a group is immersed in nature it becomes so much easier to gain inspiration, challenge the status quo, explore new perspectives, connect and understand a common purpose. From this vantage point, more dynamic, inspired and fulfilled working cultures can be felt and realised.


Gone Bush Adventures have been delivering unique events and learning programs to Australian companies with our team of highly experienced guides, learning specialists and facilitators since 2015. Our work reflects our passions for nature, learning, business, people and good health. 


Jonathan Kugel
Managing Director & Co Founder
John has worked closely with many of Australia's largest organisations for over 10 years, leading the delivery of innovative professional development, training and marketing programs. He is also the driving force behind Gone Bush Adventures and it's engagement with the Australian corporate sector.
He's a bushwalking and wildlife enthusiast who's both an experienced group leader in the wild and in the office.
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Josh is an intellectual with a depth of experience in the financial services, strategy consulting, community and resources sectors. He is passionate about flourishing and mental health and uses his studies in psychology to scaffold timeless wisdom and the cutting edge to this end.
He's a seasoned adventurer who's as curious in nature as he is about business, culture and what makes people tick.
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A team of naturalists, ecologists, adventurers and guides with a passion for nature and fully immersing you in the experience.