You will have the opportunity to work with our range of highly experienced presenters, facilitators, subject matter experts and organisational learning specialists throughout your engagement.

The ability to partner with facilitators and presenters who closely align with your desired outcomes enables you to maximise the impact of your Gone Bush experience. 

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking
Our incredible facilitators and presenters
Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Mark Falzon

Transformation & strategy

Mark specialises in accelerating growth in business. With over 30 years experience in business management and leadership in a wide range of industries all around the world, Mark brings a proven approach, unique insight and wisdom to the journey of growth.

Mark loves working with teams to create the right conditions to break through to the next level and he has a passion for developing successful and sustainable businesses.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell 


Reconnect with the value of self-care, eliminate the drainers and get back to the essentials with Shannah & Lyndall - a dynamic force for good on your path to greater wellbeing.


As recognised leaders in life and wellness education in Australia, the pair bring a wealth of executive coaching experience and track record of transforming the way leaders live and work.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Stuart McMinn

Stuart McMinn

Transformation, leadership & culture

Stuart is an acclaimed cultural educator and international performer from the Dharug and Wakka Wakka Nations. Stuart has spent many years walking country across Australia, following sacred song lines and embracing his indigenous heritage while learning about bush foods, medicines, ancient philosophy, wisdom and sustainable living.

Stu's passion is sharing his heritage and perspective to enrich society and deepen understanding, connection and respect between modern and traditional cultures.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Kirrily Dear

Kirrily Dear

Leadership, strategy & culture

Kirrily is a business strategist, endurance athlete and social activist with an incredible story to tell. With a professional career spanning more than 30 years in business strategy, there is a striking depth to her wisdom and experience. But it is her personal, gruelling and heart-felt campaigns for social change that has captivated so many hearts and minds.

Kirrily is the co-founder of Run Against Violence, a member-based organisation promoting family violence prevention across Australia and she has personally lead numerous public feats of ultra athletic endurance to raise awareness for this cause. She is an inspiring, knowledgeable woman with a powerful story to tell and depth of experience to enrich any gathering or learning event.

Lina Mbirkou Gone Bush Adventures

Lina Mbirkou

Wellbeing & leadership

Lina is an accomplished wellbeing coach, facilitator and connection specialist oozing a passion for helping people nurture more meaningful relationships and navigate emerging futures. She possesses a depth of practical wisdom related to leadership, mindfulness, emotional and spiritual intelligence, collaboration, innovation and resilience.

As a certified yoga and meditation teacher as well as master facilitator and presenter, Lina is renowned for her creative approaches to building the capability of leaders and teams to cultivate openness towards new ways of seeing, doing and being.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Leadership & performance

Matt is a leadership facilitator and executive coach who draws out ‘aha’ moments through a mix of probing questions, exploring learning models and overlaying a wealth of real-world experiences. Matt extensive leadership experience in business as well as a background in teaching enables him to bring to life learning in engaging way and positively impact any learning and development experience.

Matt has worked closely with leading developmental models and tools to support staff capability initiatives for many of Australia’s largest companies - from healthcare to hospitality and from banking to biotechnology. In particular, he has deep experience within the infrastructure, construction, transport and agriculture industries.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking, Paul Callaghan

Uncle Paul Callaghan

Transformation & leadership

Uncle Paul is a Worimi Elder, Author, highly experienced Senior Executive and widely regarded Aboriginal story teller, public speaker and community leader. His unique perspectives into wellbeing and leadership stem from a rich life journey of business and community leadership as well as a deep connection with Aboriginal culture, traditional wisdom and spirituality.


As an incredible storyteller and sophisticated leadership and wellbeing expert, Uncle Paul's perspectives and presentations are engaging, thought-provoking and transformational. 

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson 

Wellbeing & culture

Nicole is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, author and international speaker spreading the message of love and connection. She was named in the Top 100 Most Influential Women by Australian Financial Review and is currently serving as the youngest ever Commonwealth Commissioner on the National Mental Health Commission.


Nicole sees herself as a messenger of love and human potential and is passionate about mobilising people through inspiration and community connection.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Alan Riva

Alan Riva 

Presence & Purpose

Alan is an author, mentor, public speaker, entrepreneur and business advisor on a mission to help people and companies grow through a reconnection to purpose. Over two decades, Alan has grown successful businesses and high-performance conscious cultures based on the principles of Purpose and Presence.


Alan is specialist in helping leaders, teams, people and cultures in discovering their optimum state and creating a positive impact on the planet.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Al Jeffery

Al Jeffery

Culture, wellbeing & creativity

Al is a facilitator, impact entrepreneur and speaker deeply curious about enriching culture, supporting personal development and fulfilling human potential. He has a particular strength in aligning people to purpose and developing mindfulness based practices to sustain high performance.

Al is passionate about facilitating spaces for human potential, inter-generational community and creative progress.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Annie Stewart

Annie Stewart

Leadership & Performance

Annie is one of Australia’s leading experts on leadership purpose. Her unique step-by-step methodology has helped thousands of people transition towards more meaning, fulfilment and contribution in their working lives. As an executive coach, facilitator and author, Annie works with a wide range of individuals, teams and organisations throughout Australia and Asia. 


Her passion is to guide leaders and leaders of the future to find and live their purpose or calling. Annie believes the greatest calling of our time is the invitation to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural environment.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Matt Levy

Matt Levy O.A.M

Culture & personal development

Matt is one of Australia's most successful modern athletes with a swag of gold medals and even world records to his name after competing in four Paralympic Games and many other World Championship swimming events. Despite being legally blind and having survived over 50 operations on his heart, lungs, brain and ears - Matt is a true champion and epitomises resilience, humility and grit.


Matt is big believer in giving back and sharing his story to inspire others to perform and live their lives to their full potential.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking_Andrea Featherstone

Andrea Featherstone 


Andrea is an unconventional mindfulness expert who specialises in working with high performance individuals and overachievers to reduce stress while increasing focus, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Her engaging, practical approach to wellbeing has seen her inspire diverse audiences across Australia, the UK and New Zealand and help thousands better connect with mindfulness 'on the job' and within their everyday lives.


Andrea is passionate about empowering practical overachievers and cynics with tools and perspectives to pursue mindfulness and lead a culture of wellbeing within their professional and community networks. 

Facilitators Gone Bush_George Hillary_Performance & Leadership

George Hillary

Leadership & Performance

George Hillary is a climber, adventurer and public speaker. His career has fruited an abundance of lessons, in particular from his Dad, Peter Hillary; dual Everest-Summiteer, and his Grandfather, Sir Edmund Hillary; the first person to summit Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay. George regularly shares these stories and lessons at speaking events across Australia and New Zealand. He also works as a financial services professional by day and represents the Australian Himalayan Foundation and Edmund Hillary clothing company as an Ambassador.


He has a wealth of insight, wisdom and practical experience to share on resilience, team performance and mindset - grounded in a lifetime of adventure and connection with nature.

James Castrission_Leadership and Culture_Gone Bush Adventures_edited.jpg

James Castrission

Leadership & Culture

As the first person in the world to kayak across the Tasman Sea in 2008 and two years later completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time, James Castrission is a renown Australian adventurer & motivational speaker with a larger than life presence and story to tell that never fails to engage and inspire audiences from all walks of life.


James is a specialist when it comes to high performance cultures and motivating teams to think big about their impact and potential. 

Chip McFarlane_Leadership and Transformation_Gone Bush Adventures.jpg

Chip McFarlane

Leadership & transformation

Chip is a Master Coach and specialist in helping Leaders navigate the growing complexity of today's business environment. With deep experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, Chip has excelled as an international leader by placing connection, relationships and conversation at the core of his transformational approach to professional development.


Chips' engaging presence and graceful ability to challenge Senior Leaders, has helped countless teams find unity, clarity and the ability, strategy and skills to succeed in leading culturally diverse profit, public service, and not for profit organisations.

James Greenshields_Leadership and Culture_Gone Bush Adventures.jpg

James Greenshields

Leadership & Culture 

James is a leadership, transformation and resilience expert. While a Major in the Australian Army in 2007, his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq - his near death experience triggering a series of life changing events and an intense focus on living a life of meaning and purpose - and helping others to do the same.


As a motivational speaker and facilitator, James enables audiences to go deep within themselves while feeling supported on a journey towards living a more contented, harmonic and sustainable life.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Ingrid Messner

Leadership & culture 

Ingrid is a leadership facilitator and executive coach with 20 years experience working across Europe, Asia and Australia. She is passionate about coaching leaders towards better performance, strategies and connections. 


Ingrid is a specialist at inspiring new perspectives and helping leaders connect authentically with themselves, their teams and the environment around them.

Clary Castrission_Leadership and Innovation_Gone Bush Adventures.jpg

Clary Castrission

Leadership & innovation 

Clary is a strategy, commercial growth and business innovation professional working with leaders and organisations on top-tier strategy consulting projects. With diverse life and business experiences, Clary has excelled as an MBA lecturer, a freelance keynote speaker and strategy facilitator as well as being founder/ceo of an innovative edtech social enterprise, 40K Group. 


Clary's core skill set is around strategy & business model innovation, setting a vision and driving support behind it, and building a great culture in a team setting.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

John Sutherland

Innovation & change management

If it's time to get on the front foot and tackle challenging transformations, shift thinking and evolve strategy, John is who you want to be walking beside.


John's a sophisticated, commercially-minded thinker and specialist at challenging your strategic thinking, propelling your innovative spirit and realigning your focus through periods of change.