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Bringing connection back to conferences

As 2022 unfolds, we’ve turned a corner in terms of reconnecting and reengaging physically both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Events, gatherings and meetings that defaulted to a ‘virtual’ format for the better part of two years are now reclaiming their presence in the physical world. For event and conference organisers, this is indeed an exciting time and opportunity to reap the benefits of bringing communities back together to create memorable and enriching shared experiences ‘in person’.

Corporate events and conferences in 2022 and beyond

According to a recent article by global ticketing platform Eventbrite, there are several trends and challenges for corporate events and conferences in 2022 that organisers need to be across. We’ll share a few of our take outs below and hopefully spark some ideas for your next conference or corporate event.

Get together again in-person

The article points out that people are craving togetherness – so if local regulations allow, event organisers should consider bringing back ‘in person’ events or hybrids. Be sure to provide an immersive experience for your in-person attendees above and beyond the online experience including plenty of opportunities for delegates to mingle and interact.

Conference event with Uncle Paul Callaghan

Add value, make it immersive

Conference organisers are reminded of their opportunity to create an environment that adds value, facilitates knowledge sharing and connection. To this end, eventbrite highlights the importance of choosing themes wisely, engaging relevant presenters and crafting the overall agenda, experiences and spirit of the event in a way that draws in and enriches attendees.

Networking capability

Networking is highlighted as a trend set to ‘delight’ conference goers in 2022. If you think about it, it’s often the connections, knowledge exchange and camaraderie that develops between delegates as they network, bond and share stories that marks a great event.

Keep it intimate

While some events are invariably large – the industry is still riding a trend of micro-events due to recent COVID-19 restrictions. Smaller events or group sizes means delegates will have greater potential to interact with speakers and other attendees on a deeper, more personal level – a great outcome if you’re organising a workshop, offsite, conference or bonding experience.

Wellness and connection

Wellness and connection top the list for themes likely to draw in attendees in 2022. In particular, we’re reminded to think about how to enhance the delegate experience of both connection and wellbeing while at the event.

Let us delight your delegates

We believe that conferences and events should be meaningful and full of connection. With our team of presenters and specialist facilitators we provide a range of workshops, presentations and experiences in nature to bring out the best in your delegates, teams and communities.

Plan your event

Are you ready to create an immersive experience for your next event or conference?

We’d love to hear from you and see how we could help. Get in touch here.

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