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Workshops, outdoor workshops, Gone Bush Adventures

Timely, accessible and enriching. Captivating interactive learning experiences that bring out the best in your leaders, teams and community.



Style Traditional workshop

Duration 2 - 3 hours

Location Your office, training facility or conference venue


Style Walking workshop 

Duration 2 - 3 hours

Location Public parklands or gardens within close proximity to your office or conference venue


Style Virtual/Webinar

Duration 1 - 2 hours

Location Online via Zoom or your preferred virtual gathering platform


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Wellbeing and Culture

Targeted outcomes

Uplift mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing, Reconnect to nature, self and culture, Develop resilience, Share perspectives & wellbeing strategies for work and life

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Leadership development

Targeted outcomes

Broaden perspectives, Facilitate reflective practice and social learning, Develop targeted leadership capabilities, Connect leaders, Refocus on purpose, strategy, impact and personal development

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Connection and Community

Targeted outcomes

Build connections, trust and collaboration. Share positive, uplifting experiences in nature, Facilitate team & community engagement, Inspire creative thinking and knowledge sharing

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Whether exploring beautiful city parklands, visiting your office or gathering online, we specialise in creating more natural, open spaces to connect and learn. Led by our team of specialist facilitators.


Leadership, Purpose & Performance

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