It's time to step outside the everyday and enter a new paradigm of thinking, feeling and connecting... it's time to bring to life professional development and business events in a more enriching, meaningful way.
With our team of facilitators, presenters, nature guides and learning consultants, Gone Bush exist to walk alongside leaders and organisations towards a new vantage point on performance, culture and wellbeing.


Highly immersive natural experiences that redefine professional development programs and team events. 

Captivating interactive learning experiences led by specialist facilitators - indoors, outdoors and online.

Enriching perspectives and inspiring explorations on leadership, culture and wellbeing that create a lasting impact.

The Burdekin Association - Networking In

This month, Graham Bargwanna and Jill Wrathall will share the inspiring work of the The Burdekin Association in supporting, fostering and providing out of home care for vulnerable youth across the Sydney region. The session will provide a powerful opportunity to gain insight and reflect on community, leadership and nurturing the potential of future generations. 

Adam Jacobs_Networking In Nature_Gone Bu

This month, entrepreneur and influencer Adam Jacobs will share his leadership story as Co-Founder of Australia's leading online fashion retailer The Iconic and Co-Founder of innovative employment service Hatch. This session will be rich in insights for leaders of all levels and anyone on a journey to make a bigger impact in their working lives.