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Time to do team building in a different way

So many industries are being shaken up in the wake of the economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic that's hit our modern world like a ton of bricks.

In spite of our most wishful thinking that we'll all just wake up tomorrow and things will be back to 'normal', they don't seem to be going that way.

We're all being disrupted. Many of you are probably sitting at home reading this article rather than being 'out there' in the 'real world', 'going places' and 'doing things'.

But as we've all seen, through disruption new ways blossom. Like a wildflower sprouting from fire damaged soil, changes lead to growth and emergence.

Time to do team building in a different way

Pink Flannel Flower (Actinotus forsythii) - one of the many beautiful wildflowers that only seem to appear and flower after bush fires

Disrupting team building

Is it just us or do many team building activities seem frivolous? Or at least, a missed opportunity to be something greater than they currently are?

Not to undervalue the importance of 'fun' and disrupting 'business as usual' with games and light hearted moments.

But perhaps our somewhat dramatic global context and current economic pressures present us with the opportunity to rethink the potential of team building.

Perhaps team building can be more than what it has traditionally been.

Do you truly believe that your current team building activities forge more meaningful connections and alignment across your team and community?

If you do, then well done.

If you don't, then read on.

Timeless opportunity for wellbeing, connection and growth

At Gone Bush, we've been blessed to be able to build the best kind of business - one that's full of passion, positive impact and a close circle of loyal, repeat customers and friends.

We've shared the trail with hundreds of leaders and teams from all around Australia and become immersed in a vast array of natural environments, World Heritage Listed Areas and National Parks.

Seven years into our Gone Bush journey, we are happy to report that deeper connections and outcomes can be achieved through team building. And nature is the perfect platform to create more enriching shared team experiences.

A simple walk in the park might sound like an overly simplistic way to revolutionise team building - but then again, a Gone Bush experience is no simple walk in the park.

A Gone Bush team building experience is a tailor made experience designed to nurture, connect, inspire, transform and renew.

Learning more about Australia's natural and cultural heritage is a key element of any Gone Bush experience.
Learning more about Australia's natural and cultural heritage is a key element of any Gone Bush experience.

Gone Bush experiences lead teams into awe-inspiring natural places abundant in ecological and cultural heritage.

To breathe the clean, crisp air. Listen to the sounds of nature and the crunch of the trail underfoot. To be nourished by lovingly made, healthy foods.

To reflect, learn, connect and expand horizons under the gentle and expert guidance of a passionate crew of facilitators and guides.

This fine crafting of ingredients amounts to deeply impactful experiences and outcomes for teams and leaders who 'Go Bush'.

Sure, there is fun... more than you can poke a stick at!

But there is also the stirring of something much deeper. And the connection to something far greater.

The possibility for more.


We humbly invite you to expect more from your team building experiences.

And to keep us in mind when you're ready to take the red pill and bring something truly special to life for your team.

Don't take our word for it, check out some of the case studies and stories we've been sharing on our website over the past few years.

So long as Covid continues, being outdoors for team building in an environment that's easily socially distanced and genuinely impactful on your people is the way to go!


Keen to run an event or development program in nature for your organisation? Contact us now.

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