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Wellbeing on top of the list at Holden

As many Australians will know, Holden's historic manufacturing era came to an end in Australia in 2017. The closure of the Elizabeth Holden factory, which had been operating in Adelaide since 1958, saw large numbers of beloved staff leave or transition out of the business. Many had given decades of service to the company, poured their hearts and souls into Holden and forged close knit friendships and created lifelong memories there.

This tricky and sensitive time required extended focus from HR managers to ensure Holden's legacy was positive for departing staff and genuine support and empowerment was given to assist with transitioning them into the next phase of their lives and careers... beyond Holden.

Holden engaged Gone Bush to empower it's departing HR leaders from Adelaide with a hands-on wellbeing event that would provide an opportunity for personal reflection and renewal while celebrating past achievements and supporting each individual with a positive transition into the next phase of life.

Gone Bush approach

Working with internal managers from Holden as well as highly regarded wellbeing coaches, Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell, we tailor designed a nature-based wellness program to renew, inspire, reconnect and empower departing Holden staff members.

An uplifting two-day, nature-based wellbeing event was held in the Blue Mountains National Park which became the platform for Holden leaders reflect as a group, celebrate with gratitude, refocus on their personal wellbeing and look forward with new clarity, focus and optimism.

The event was delivered while the group completed a classic overnight Blue Mountains hike. Time was split between walking, reflecting, journaling, discussing and participating

in walking-workshops and presentations led by our Gone Bush facilitators, Shannah & Lyndall.

Delicious meals were taken along the way and the group enjoyed a magical evening together staying in a remote eco-lodge in the Blue Mountains wilderness. One by one, each member of the group was also given a 'body and mind bliss' massage from our specialist guide Sylwia Skoczylas from Pagoa Massage.

The second morning began with a meditation and yoga session before the learning and inspiration continued with more walking-workshops led by The Essentialists (Shannah & Lyndall) until we finally reached our closing lunch destination - a picturesque boutique winery in the heart of the Megalong Valley.

Follow up coaching sessions were also provided for each individual following the nature-immersion to provide support in embedding positive outcomes and remaining focused on personal wellbeing and growth through change.

"It was amazing and exactly what we wanted and needed. The experience, the attention to detail, the food, the learning and overall team were unbelievable."

Ashley WInnett, Executive Director Human Resources, Holden


Something for you?

If you're ready to host an enriching gathering for your team or community - get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!

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