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Gone Bush making a difference 'at no extra cost' with Humanitix

We've run our fair share of events since starting Gone Bush Adventures back in 2015 - not only have events been a core part of our offering to clients but they've also been a central part of developing our brand, connections, community and opportunities. 

In early 2017, we made the 'no brainer' decision switch to the Humanitix ticketing platform to administer ticket sales for all of our public events including our monthly Networking In Nature - and since doing so, Humanitix has enabled us to donate money to a range of worthy charities and causes with no extra effort on our part whatsoever.

Gone Bush making a difference 'at no extra cost' with Humanitix

As many will know, online ticketing platforms make a ton of money charging booking fees for every ticket purchased via their platform (fair enough and there are definitely some smooth operators in the space).

However, in 2015 a young man from Sydney, Joshua Ross, and his close friend Adam McCurdie, shared a vision for a social enterprise that could disrupt this lucrative industry - a ticketing platform that would donate its booking fees to charity... and so, Humanitix was born. You can read the full story in this AFR article: How Humanitix is using hedge fund smarts to disrupt ticketing and philanthropy.

Gone Bush making a difference 'at no extra cost' with Humanitix

Full disclosure, we happen to know Josh but that's not why we're promoting his platform. We're promoting Humanitix because we honestly believe in what they're doing and think there are plenty of people in our network who would love to learn more about it.

What difference does it make?

While our events are still small compared to many other corporate events and conferences, we've still seen huge value in switching to Humanitix and encourage others to do so.

Here's a list of charities we've been able to support via our booking fees over the past 12 months:

We encourage all of our partners, clients and community to give the Humanitix platform a go next time you're organising a ticketed event.

We look forward to continuing this partnership and making a difference 'at no extra cost'.

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