Gone Bush in 2020 and beyond

Well, we're happy and grateful to say it - Gone Bush is officially five years young!

We've been absolutely blessed to have been able to live our passions for nature, good health, positive leadership and connected cultures. Along with our dear clients and partners across the business and professional community, we've shared unforgettable moments of nature-inspired awe, inspiration, connection, insight and growth together.

It has been a joy and no doubt will continue to be our greatest joy and pleasure to walk with you... while reconnecting to nature, our selves, each other and our impact on a deeper level.

Gone Bush re-brand

After much deliberation, consideration and consultation about Gone Bush - what we're all about, the impact we're striving towards and the spirit of experiences we offer - we've decided our five year mark is a good milestone and opportunity to refresh our image with a new logo.

So why'd we do it?

We've evolved, like everything does.

While our core elements and values have remained consistent from the beginning, who we are and what we do has changed over the course of our journey. Evolving with our clients, we've lengthened, shortened, tweaked and experimented with what a Gone Bush program could look like. The journey has taken us to some very interesting places, enabled us to collaborate with a diverse and talented mix of people and enriched our offering, networks and capabilities in the process.

Modernising the image, cleaner and simpler.

Five years into our journey, we feel a clearer understanding of where we fit and what our brand represents in value and spirit. We want to bring this greater sense of clarity and purpose to life with a simpler, cleaner image. Less moving parts, more cohesion and conviction. Less adventure-camp, more expansive and open to possibility. Although make no mistake, there will still be plenty of adventure!

Representing more possibilities, being more fluid.

Whether it's working with our incredible clients, team, guides, facilitators or service partners, we're always blown away with feeling that the sum is so much greater than the parts. The new logo represents a desire to provide even more opportunities for others to contribute to Gone Bush and enrich the role we play. It represents fluidity, a willingness to go places we've never been before and ultimately the ability to go much, much further, together.

Reconnecting to country (colours) and community (flow).

What we do is so deep rooted in connection with Australia's cultural and environmental heritage. Our spiritual birth place as an organisation is in the bush, the place in which we were conceived conceptually and in which we feel most profoundly connected, inspired and impacted. Sharing this passion for nature and advocating its significance across our shared history and shared future remains a key motivator.

Want to know more?

Learn more about Gone Bush, our team and mission to reinvigorate organisations, leaders and corporate cultures. We look forward to serving our community for many, many years to come and thank you again for all of your support. For any further questions or enquiries, contact us anytime.


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