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Blue Mountains leadership retreat with Secure Code Warrior


There's few industries growing as rapidly as the global cyber security industry. Especially in a world that's increasingly defined by virtual connections. Meet Secure Code Warrior, an Aussie company that's leading the way in this cutting edge sector on a very global scale.

leadership retreat

Since 2015 under the leadership of co-founder and CEO Pieter Danhieux the company has grown from the original two co-founders to a diverse team of over 170 staff worldwide. Focused on providing a more powerful and self-sustaining layer of cyber protection for organisations and governments, Secure Code Warrior (SCW) has been at the forefront of the rapidly growing global cyber security industry. To effectively navigate the pace of the growth and the evolution of the business, SCW has developed a culture of reflection and reconnection at the leadership level. A key part of this culture is a commitment to quarterly senior leadership offsite meetings - providing a platform to consciously and positively impact the culture and direction of the business as it heads into unchartered territory with more growth and an increasingly global and remote workforce.

Leadership In Nature Blue Mountains

In November 2020, the Secure Code Warrior leadership team headed up to the Blue Mountains for their quarterly retreat, which this time included a very memorable bush walking adventure designed to enrich and renew the extremely hardworking team while giving them some time-out to consider strategies to further foster and embed a culture of wellbeing across the fast growing organisation.

The Gone Bush experience

Providing an experience to rapidly renew and reconnect the 'always on' leadership team of SCW was core to the brief for this Gone Bush session. Our aim was to create an unforgettable afternoon in nature for the leaders that both contrasted and complimented their broader three day strategic offsite.

Leadership Program Experience

Leaving the townships of Katoomba and Medlow Bath behind, we headed into the heart of the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains National Park to explore the dramatic clifftops of the Jamieson Valley and Narrow Neck Plateau. Over the course of our gentle afternoon walk, we delighted in seeing the regeneration of the bush after the fires of 2019 and also marvelled at awe-inspiring viewpoints to iconic Blue Mountains scenery including the Three Sisters, Ruined Castle and Mt Solitary.

Collaborating with wellbeing author Alan Riva, the journey became a learning experience as conversations were facilitated around cultivating presence and wellbeing and avoiding distraction in the workplace, in relationships and in life. Under Alan's gentle and wise guidance, the team explored simple strategies to decompress and create mindful moments in every day both at home and 'on the job'.

Leadership Program in Nature Gone Bush Adventures team

An emphasis was placed on creating opportunities for social learning and deeper connections - as such, the team was encouraged to switch walking partners often and ensure quality time and personal experiences were shared across all members of the team.

Just three hours after we had begun, it was time for the renewed and reconnected team to leave the bush and get back to their incredible journey of growth and impact as a leadership team.

Impact and feedback

While it was only a short and sweet encounter, it still certainly turned the dial just that little bit and helped the 'always on' leaders of SCW to take a step back, reconnect and refocus on the important things... the only downside was that it was over all too quickly!

"John and his team created this unique experience for our leadership team in the Blue Mountains. Apart from the memorable hospitality (cake!!), he did a great job guiding us through nature's beauty, sharing knowledge about natives and allowing the leaders to share what's on their minds in a very relaxing environment!"

Pieter Danhieux - Co-founder, Chairman/CEO, Secure Code Warrior

"What a great afternoon with John and Alan from Gone Bush Adventures where we were able to share tips and lessons with each other, understand our recent challenges on how we have navigated through COVID, and how sharing these experiences helps us stay connected as a team whilst we walked and explored the Aussie bush."

Rimonda Ohlsson, VP, People & Culture, Secure Code Warrior

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