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An executive leadership journey like no other

Times are changing and those following Australia's financial services industry will understand why leading players such as BT Financial, Westpac's wealth management arm, are focusing more intensely on proving additional value, including growth and leadership opportunities for their aligned practice owners and advisors. 

BT Financial has a range of leadership and development programs for those within their financial advice network. It's flagship executive level program, the Chief Executives Forum, is an invite-only group for entrepreneurial, high-growth oriented businesses owners, seeking to hone their leadership skills and take their already successful businesses to the next level over a two year journey of growth.

BT Financial engaged Gone Bush to work with the Chief Executives Forum of 2017-18 by providing a series of nature-based leadership events that would fast-track and enrich connection and camaraderie within the group while helping leaders develop the right mind-set, strategies and capabilities to take their businesses into the future.

Gone Bush approach

Tasked with bringing an experiential learning edge to the CEF program, we worked in collaboration with BT Financial to create a robust nature-inspired leadership program that would not only bond participants together faster than in previous cohorts but also support their journey of growth throughout the two year program in line with the learning frameworks designed by BT Financial.

With multiple nature-immersion events as well as workshops delivered to the CEF group throughout 2017-18, the Gone Bush program provided a unique platform for connection and growth. Each time the group came back together, the camaraderie was stronger and the adventure more epic.

Two highlight adventures from this program include a day-trip to the Royal National Park (pictures above) as well as an overnight trek into the heart of the majestic Blue Mountains region of New South Wales (pictures below). 

While on the adventure trail, time was split between walking, reflecting, discussing, journaling and participating in interactive workshop sessions led by our Gone Bush facilitators, Clint Seares and John Sutherland.

Additional homework tasks were set for participants in prior workshops that further enriched the activities conducted in the bush. Gone Bush also captured and shared a broad range of insights about the leadership journey of each participant to internal managers at BT Financial to assist in better providing follow-up support and guidance to the group.

"We've never seen a cohort bond together, share and grow together so quickly. Everyone was truly invested in the journey and continues to support each other to this day. The Gone Bush experience has transformed the CEF program"

Craig Kouimanis, State Manager SA/WA/VIC/TAS - ‎Securitor, BT Group Licensees 


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