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Footprints on Dharawal country with The Family Co.

The Family Co. engaged Gone Bush Adventures for an ‘on country’ experience in the heart of the Royal National Park in Dharawal country, south of Sydney. Led by Gone Bush cultural guide Auntie Leanne King and Royal National Park specialist Andy Richards, we were thrilled to be sharing a memorable morning in the bush with the team from The Family Co. - abundant in connection with nature and cultural learning.

The Family Co. recently engaged Gone Bush Adventures for an ‘on country’ experience in the heart of the Royal National Park

A Local Connection 

The choice of the Royal National Park was intended to bring The Family Co. team closer to their local environment. Nestled in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, the historic park offered a serene backdrop just a stone's throw away from their Jannali office. This proximity allowed the team to explore and appreciate the natural wonders and cultural connections in their own backyard, fostering a deeper connection to the community they serve.

Cultural Insights and Wisdom 

Central to the experience was the wisdom shared by Auntie Leanne King, whose cultural guidance added layers of significance to the journey. The bushwalk was not merely a stroll; it was a cultural experience, a window into the profound relationship that Indigenous Australians have with their land. Auntie Leanne's storytelling wove a rich tapestry of traditions, connecting the participants to the timeless wisdom embedded in the landscape.

Beyond the Surface: Bush Foods and Medicines 

Designed to facilitate a deeper connection to country, the bushwalk was also an opportunity to delve into the ecological richness of the Royal National Park – including local bush foods and medicines as well as stories that have guided Indigenous communities for generations. This knowledge added a tangible layer of appreciation for the delicate balance between humans and their natural surroundings.

Creating Space for Connection 

The morning’s itinerary included moments of respite and reflection designed to provide a sense of space and renewal. A relaxed morning tea kicked off the gathering while yarning circles along the way provided an opportunity to share stories and build a sense of openness, support and connection. The walk also involved an intentional slowing down, allowing everyone to immerse into the experience enjoy more space for personal reflection and renewal.

Empowered Teams, Empowered Communities 

The impact of the guided team bushwalk extends beyond the individuals who participated. Empowered teams translate to empowered communities, echoing The Family Co. vision. The shared experience fosters a sense of unity, purpose, and resilience among team members, qualities that are essential in their work of supporting and empowering Southern Sydney's communities.

Empowered Teams, Empowered Communities

“Thank you for delivering such a professional and warm cultural experience. The feedback from the team has been very positive and the ‘take aways’ that have been expressed are definitely ones of connection to both the land and each other and increased knowledge and understanding.

It was delightful to meet you all and please pass on our gratitude for everyone’s time and shared knowledge.”

Belinda Harrison, Manager, The Family Co.


Time to get ‘on country’ with your team or community?

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