Leadership In Nature, Gone Bush Adventures

Bringing out the best in leaders

Leadership is the backbone of culture, performance and success within any organisation. By bringing leadership into focus, we aim to unlock potential and enable visions for a better future to become reality.


Our approach to leadership is hands-on and focused on positive transformation. Cultivating belief, courage, authenticity, connection and awareness that ultimately ripples throughout organisations and beyond.

Leadership In Nature themes

Leadership In Nature, Gone Bush Adventures

Becoming a leader

Culture and impact

Leading every day

Mindset and performance

Bringing out the best in others

Leading in times of change

Targeted outcomes

Perspective, Openness, Awareness, Connection, Capability, Cultural change, Alignment, Agility, Resilience, Purpose, Performance

Experience styles 


Style Nature immersion multi-day

Duration 2 - 3+ full days

Location National Parks and wilderness areas within approx 2 hrs of major Australian CBDs


Style Nature immersion

Duration Half-day to full day

Location National Parks and nature reserves within 1 hr of major Australian CBDs


Style Walking workshop 

Duration 1 - 3 hours

Location Public parklands or gardens within close proximity to your office or conference venue


Featured leadership facilitators 
Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Matt Wright

Matt is a leadership facilitator and executive coach who draws out ‘aha’ moments through a mix of probing questions, exploring learning models and overlaying a wealth of real-world experiences. Matt extensive leadership experience in business as well as a background in teaching enables him to bring to life learning in engaging way and positively impact any learning and development experience.​

For decades, he has worked closely with many of Australia’s largest companies to support staff capability initiatives - from healthcare to hospitality, banking to biotechnology and everything in between.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Annie Stewart

Annie is one of Australia’s leading experts on leadership purpose. Her unique step-by-step methodology has helped thousands of people transition towards more meaning, fulfilment and contribution in their working lives. As an executive coach, facilitator and author, Annie works with a wide range of individuals, teams and organisations throughout Australia and Asia. 


Her passion is to guide leaders and leaders of the future to find and live their purpose or calling. Annie believes the greatest calling of our time is the invitation to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural environment.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Mark Falzon

Mark specialises in accelerating growth in business. With over 30 years experience in business management and leadership in a wide range of industries all around the world, Mark brings a proven approach, unique insight and wisdom to the journey of growth.

Mark loves working with teams to create the right conditions to break through to the next level and he has a passion for developing successful and sustainable businesses.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Uncle Paul Callaghan

Uncle Paul is a Worimi Elder, Author, highly experienced Senior Executive and widely regarded Aboriginal story teller, public speaker and community leader. His unique perspectives into wellbeing and leadership stem from a rich life journey of business and community leadership as well as a deep connection with Aboriginal culture, traditional wisdom and spirituality.


As an incredible storyteller and sophisticated leadership and wellbeing expert, Uncle Paul's perspectives and presentations are engaging, thought-provoking and transformational. 

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

Ingrid Messner

Ingrid is a leadership facilitator and executive coach with 20 years experience working across Europe, Asia and Australia. She is passionate about coaching leaders towards better performance, strategies and connections. 


Ingrid is a specialist at inspiring new perspectives and helping leaders connect authentically with themselves, their teams and the environment around them.

Facilitators Gone Bush Adventures_Leadership, Wellbeing, Teams, Networking

George Hillary

George Hillary is a climber, adventurer and public speaker with a wealth of insight, wisdom and practical experience to share on resilience, team performance and mindset. His career has fruited an abundance of lessons, in particular from his Dad, Peter Hillary and his Grandfather, Sir Edmund Hillary; the first person to summit Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay.


George is passionate about leadership, community-connection and philanthropy - and his approach is grounded in a lifetime of adventure, practical experience and connection with nature.

Chip McFarlane_Leadership and Transformation_Gone Bush Adventures.jpg

Chip McFarlane

Chip is a Master Coach and specialist in helping Leaders navigate the growing complexity of today's business environment. With deep experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, Chip has excelled as an international leader by placing connection, relationships and conversation at the core of his transformational approach to professional development.


Chips' engaging presence and graceful ability to challenge Senior Leaders, has helped countless teams find unity, clarity and the ability, strategy and skills to succeed in leading culturally diverse profit, public service, and not for profit organisations.