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Wellbeing & vitality event styles

Wellbeing & vitality featured modules

Wellbeing fundamentals

Awakening the senses

Busting corporate burnout

Finding your colours and living your story

Stillness, space and intuition

Integrating wellbeing every day

Targeted outcomes


Employee health

A renewed, practical focus on holistic wellbeing and health at an individual and organisational level.


Culture change

Readiness to embrace wellbeing as a focal point for leading a great company culture.


Wellbeing in practice

Experiences, tools and practices to integrate wellbeing into every day life and company culture.


Employee engagement

A workforce of engaged, vibrant and healthy people with every reason to get involved and give their best efforts.


Perspective and space

Immersion in a nourishing learning environment far away from the demands and pressures of every day life.



Ability of individuals and the organisation to support and sustain the pursuit of high performance. 

Case studies 
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Featured wellbeing & vitality facilitators 

Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell 

Reconnect with the value of self-care, eliminate the drainers and get back to the essentials with Shannah & Lyndall - a dynamic force for good on your path to greater wellbeing.


As recognised leaders in life and wellness education in Australia, the pair bring a wealth of executive coaching experience and track record of transforming the way leaders live and work.

Stuart McMinn

Stuart is an acclaimed cultural educator and international performer from the Dharug and Wakka Wakka Nations. Stuart has spent many years walking country across Australia, following sacred song lines and embracing his indigenous heritage while learning about bush foods, medicines, ancient philosophy, wisdom and sustainable living.

Stu's passion is sharing his heritage and perspective to enrich society and deepen understanding, connection and respect between modern and traditional cultures.

Andrea Featherstone

Andrea is an unconventional mindfulness expert who specialises in working with high performance individuals and overachievers to reduce stress while increasing focus, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Her engaging, practical approach to wellbeing has seen her inspire diverse audiences across Australia, the UK and New Zealand and help thousands better connect with mindfulness 'on the job' and within their everyday lives.


Andrea is passionate about empowering practical overachievers and cynics with tools and perspectives to pursue mindfulness and lead a culture of wellbeing within their professional and community networks. 

Al Jeffery

Al is a facilitator, impact entrepreneur and speaker deeply curious about enriching culture, supporting personal development and fulfilling human potential. He has a particular strength in aligning people to purpose and developing mindfulness based practices to sustain high performance.

Al is passionate about facilitating spaces for human potential, inter-generational community and creative progress.

Nicole Gibson 

Nicole is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, author and international speaker spreading the message of love and connection. She was named in the Top 100 Most Influential Women by Australian Financial Review and is currently serving as the youngest ever Commonwealth Commissioner on the National Mental Health Commission.


Nicole sees herself as a messenger of love and human potential and is passionate about mobilising people through inspiration and community connection.

Uncle Paul Callaghan

Paul or 'Uncle PC' as he's known is a Worimi Elder, Author, widely regarded Aboriginal story teller, public speaker and community leader. His unique perspectives into wellbeing and leadership stem from a life of experience in business and community leadership as well as a deep ongoing connection to Aboriginal culture, traditional wisdom and spirituality. 

Uncle Paul is an inspiring elder and thought provoking presenter who's perspective, personal journey and depth of experience adds immense value to any organisation or learning event.

Ingrid Messner

Ingrid is a leadership facilitator and executive coach with 20 years experience working across Europe, Asia and Australia. She is passionate about coaching leaders towards better performance, strategies and connections. 


Ingrid is a specialist at inspiring new perspectives and helping leaders connect authentically with themselves, their teams and the environment around them.

Alan Riva 

Alan is an author, entrepreneur and business advisor on a mission to help people and companies grow through a reconnection to purpose. Over two decades, Alan has grown successful businesses based on the principles of Purpose, Authenticity & Passion. He also has a long standing involvement charitable projects in Africa.

Alan is specialist at connecting teams with their purpose, passion and finding the fun and enjoyment in building a winning culture and successful business.